Where exactly does the vent silencer go?

We have been fighting industrial noise pollution for many years. To do so, we use the best strategy we know. What we do is supply first rate silencers. This includes the blow off silencer as well as all kinds of other models. Using acoustic modelling software, we can design the perfect installation for your property.

Blow off silencers are also known by the name vent silencers. They are tools that are very popular in industrial facilities and power plants because they can lower noise levels. The sound is a by-product of discharging gas or steam from pipes into the atmosphere. Because of the swiftness of the gas when it flows through the vent, it creates noise. Therefore, engineers and managers must attend to this problem. They must do so to stop the workers from operating in hazardous environments.

One issue people face here is they may not know where to install the silencer. As experts, we can tell you where you should be placing them in various facilities.

The ventilation system

In order to install a silencer properly here, you must understand the ventilation system a bit more. In the majority of systems, the biggest source of noise pollution is the open stack exit. Several people position the silencer at the stack outlet. Yet, in order to use a product to its fullest potential, you need to install it into the stack directly. By positioning it inside, it will cut off the noise prior to releasing it into the atmosphere.


Industrial vent silencers lower noise using two primary principles to cover a big sound frequency range. One option is to use reactive components in order to reflect sounds back to the source instead of pushing it outward. As the noise moves, the magnitude dampens and dissipates.

Several silencers also make use of absorptive and dissipative substances to lower sound levels. Depending on how thick they are, the materials function as a barrier. They absorb sound before it has a chance to release into the environment. By turning the sound energy into heat, it can dissipate harmlessly.

Designing a bespoke blow off silencer

At Ventx, we help many clients with their noise issues. Thanks to our silencers, their working environments are much safer. Furthermore, they allow our clients to adhere to the UK environmental standards.

So, if you would like a bespoke blow off silencer, please get in touch. We have a huge amount of experience and can provide effective solutions for clients.