The various troubles with noise in the gas industry

If you have been having noise troubles and don’t know what to do, you should work with us. Ventx specialises in providing equipment to deal with this kind of problem. The natural gas silencers we design for example are meant to reduce the noise in industrial environments. As a result, they can improve safety and performance.

Loud noises have been a problem in the gas industry for a while. So, noise control is a much larger concern. Those in charge of pipeline stations and other facilities have quite a few regulations to comply with. Higher environmental constraints tend to demand a noise impact assessment for new structures. This can help to shape the site design.

The danger of hearing damage to workers can also result in a need to make changes to current sites. It can mean there is a need to re-work the site or introduce noise controls.

High frequency and tonal noise

There is a big risk that sound in gas compression projects is discrete frequency or tonal noise. This is created by rotating equipment at an expected frequency linked to the shaft’s rotational speed. The amount of gear teeth, engine pistons, fan blades, and compressor vanes are also important here.

Tonal noise gets distinguished by spectral, pure tones that happen at a single frequency. Plus, substantial noise can occur because of pressure drops or high flow via a valve. It can also travel huge distances along tubes.

Environmental noise

This is also an issue here. The noise around transmission and gas production facilities can lead to sleep disturbances. It can annoy people too. In addition, it will lower the local property values. This can affect the relationship between the local community and operators. On top of that, it can lead to legal trouble. There could be regulator action too.

Something else to note is that you can install smaller compressor stations close to residential areas. As a result, people may complain and ask for modifications.

The leading designer of natural gas silencers

At Ventx, we work hard to ensure each client has the right silencer design for their facility. By matching our items to the application, we can help you address your noise problems. Our experience and excellent resources mean we can offer first rate services to suit all kinds of needs.

So, if you require one of our natural gas silencers, or another model, feel free to contact us. We can arrange a consultation to learn more and see exactly how we can help you.