Controlling the path of noise

Noise control is essential in industrial settings as it can prevent a host of issues. To us, the most efficient way of controlling it is the silencer. Our team specialises in designing and then producing an array of models. They work with all kinds of machinery, and are your ticket to a safer and more productive facility or site.

There are many good reasons to keep sounds to a minimum in a working environment. If it gets too noisy, the sounds become both an annoyance and a danger. In order to make sure everything is safe, you need to keep the noise under control. There are several steps in this process. One of the most important would be path control.

What is the path?

Noise gets transmitted by sound waves. This happens through the space between the receiver and the source. The space is known as the path.

You can change the path of the transmission to limit the degree of acoustical energy that shall make its way to the receiver. Such an action is quite an efficient method of industrial noise control. Normally, this consists of using materials to obstruct the direct and reflected paths so it tackles the two ways that sound can travel.

How to tackle the direct path?

You can interrupt the direct paths by utilising acoustical barrier walls or enclosures between the receiver and surface. The barriers here are at their most efficient when you use them in tandem with objects meant to treat sound reflection.

What to do about the reflected path?

It is possible to reduce reflected noise paths by introducing panels that absorb sound. You can use them on walls to improve the acoustics of a space. It is also possible to install materials like this in ducts if the noise is reflecting through them.


You can also use silencers to address issues with both the direct and reflected paths. There are models to suit all kinds of needs, including options fit for noisy machinery, HVAC systems, vents, fans, and more.

Ask us about noise control

At Ventx, we design industrial silencers to give clients a full range of models to choose from. They include air compressor, generator, and fan silencers. Each one is an effective solution for noise control. Furthermore, we design them to suit the specific application, making every product bespoke.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about our noise control products, feel free to contact us. You can ask us about how we design silencers, what materials we use, or even get examples of how well our silencers work.