What type of attenuators do you use for a HVAC system?

Our company has a long history of providing its customers with sound reduction devices. These are ones to reduce the level of noise in industrial environments. This includes our attenuators as well as many more models. With more than ten years of experience in industrial silencer design, we can help you meet all your needs.

Two types

One of the main systems that typically require an attenuator is the HVAC system. In order to silence these, you would use one of two forms of attenuators. These are the rectangular and circular models. With the former, you fit them into the ducts to minimise sound from the inside. With rectangular ones, you fit them over the HVAC system. Both varieties employ the same principle with limiting noise in these systems.

Rectangular models come with dissipative silencers. They dissipate acoustic energy that is in contact with the sound absorbing media within. As for the circular attenuator, it has a head, which spins. There is also a tail in a cone shape. Another interesting fact about the circular model is that it is double walled.

Sound absorbing insulation

Within the interior wall, you will discover the sound absorbing insulation. This is what helps to keep the noise to a minimum. These attenuators do lower noise. At the same time though, they preserve the pressure changes within the HVAC apparatus. By doing this, air can easily flow through the system.

You use noise attenuators as one wholesome component of the HVAC system. This is as opposed to having them in isolation. The result is superior performance. It is best to use them when you are installing the system instead of adding them in later.

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