The velocity profiles of silencers

When you are dealing with loud noises in an industrial setting, you need the assistance of a company that knows what it is up against. Our team has been specialising in this area for years. Using their skills and knowledge, as well as our high quality equipment, we can create an attenuator that meets your specific requirements.

Proven designs

As time has progressed, silencer experts have come up with some rather standard silencer geometrics. These help us in handling the pressure drop vs insertion loss equation. Backed by development and testing, you can apply these designs on an application specific basis.

You need to choose the right unit for your project. This helps you to obtain the necessary acoustic performance at an acceptable installed pressure drop. You label these designs based on a particular velocity profile. However, you can apply them to an extended array of velocities. You can do this when considering a suitable pressure drop.

Low velocity

This is just one of the models you can find. It is also possible to view this as the high pressure drop design. The geometry here offers you an incredibly high degree of acoustic performance. Be careful when the velocities go beyond 100 FPM though. At this point, the pressure drops start becoming inappropriate for the majority of applications.

Medium velocity

Of all the designs, this is the greatest all-round performer. Thanks to its straight through parallel entrance, there is huge insertion loss. The tapered tail discharge functions by keeping those pressure drops as low as they can.

With such a model, you can work your way through all sorts of applications. This includes those ranging from 0 to 2,000 FPM. For most applications, there is going to be a decent amount of pressure drop.

Order an attenuator from us

At Ventx, we go out of our way to design your attenuator in the right manner. This is the only way for them to work correctly without compromising your system.

We have done business with an exhaustive list of clients so we are confident in our ability to help everyone. If you need us for anything, you are welcome to contact us.