Make sure you’re aware of the effects noise can have

Control of noise pollution is necessary in order to ensure the well-being of everyone around. There are also requirements from authorities including legislation that mean you need to keep internal and external noise levels in check. Therefore, you should invest in a vent silencer. This way you will not have to worry about the impact that noise is having on you, the workers in your facility, anyone near the site, and the environment.


Noise can have a big impact on your sleep and cause lots of health issues. Loud noises can wake you up and persistent sound can cause stress that prevents you from falling to sleep. This then has an impact on your health, including more fatigue, altering moods, and disrupting the functions of your body.


Your ability to hear is an incredibly important sense as it enables you to be more aware of the things around you. However, you need to keep in mind that your ears cannot handle excessive noise. A single loud sound can cause a lot of damage. In addition, exposure to excessive noise over time can cause hearing impairment or even hearing loss in the future.


Your ears have an important connection to your brain as they work together to make your body respond to things. So, any noise your body is around will result in messages being sent to your brain so that you know what to do about it. There can be a negative impact on brain functions when there is a lot of noise, including slower responses.

Get a vent silencer to help with noise pollution

We can help you get a silencer that is suitable for your specific application. Our team of experts know all about the different requirements our clients may have. As a result we can design the perfect solution.

Ventx recognise that noise control is a key element in an industrial setting. We can cater for this by offering a suitable vent silencer or other silencing equipment. So, contact us today to start working with our team.