What prevents us from using baffles in silencers?

We all know what putting up with loud noises is like. However, there is something you may not know. Being around them too much can lead to permanent damage. To help combat this, our company provides top notch silencers. They can limit the noise coming from an air vent and various other sources.

When it comes to the subject of sound restriction, there is one question that people sometimes ask. This is why you don’t use baffles in a silencer. Before we get to that, let’s provide some background information on the baffle.

What is it?

It is likely that you have seen this item before. Think about a recording studio for a moment. You will realise that the walls have a somewhat odd shape. They possess squares of triangular material. It is not unlike an egg box. People use them in places where there is huge degree of echo. What you are experiencing is the sound bouncing off robust exteriors, such as walls. Baffles absorb sound waves rather than allowing them to bounce off your walls.

The issue

Baffles may do a great job at dispersing sound waves. However, the problem with using them in silencers is that they are effective at producing sound resistance. Furthermore, they create a decent amount of air resistance. This is not the best situation if you are attempting to ventilate something.

Inside a ventilation duct, when there is too much resistance, you must have a powerful fan to obtain enough air flow. This requires more energy and can create more noise. By using mineral wool rather than a baffle, you can produce enough resistance to the sound. This is without limiting the amount of airflow that is present.

Ask us to design an air vent silencer for you

At Ventx, we make sure our silencers work efficiently without undermining your current systems. By having them in your property, you can keep the workers and visitors safe. Not to mention, you will be adhering to the UK environmental standards.

Therefore, if you require a silencer for your air vent or any other system, please get in touch with our team. We can create a unique design for you.