Reducing noise in natural gas production

Living close to natural gas operations can be very disruptive. One of the biggest issues is the noise. Locals tend to have complaints about the noises from the drilling, production, and transportation. The flaring and venting can be particularly noisy. Luckily there are things that can help. Natural gas silencers are one of the best options.

People in rural areas tend to have the biggest problems with the gas operations. This is because the overall noise levels are typically lower here than they would be in an urban area. That means less background noise. The fact the areas are less developed also means that sounds can travel further. The disruption can get worse when operations are ongoing for long periods day and night.

What to do to reduce the noise?

As we said above one of the things that can reduce the noise is silencers. Operators could add them in several areas to minimise the sounds. For example they can use them on noisy vents, cooling towers, and stacks. They can also be suitable for noisy HVAC systems and fans. Silencer designs can vary to suit all kinds of needs. In the best cases they can provide both attenuation and abatement.

However adding silencers to vents and noisy systems is not the only way to reduce noise from natural gas operations. Others include:

  • Restricting operating hours
  • Choose traffic controls so noisy vehicles are only on site during acceptable times
  • Invest in sound barriers on wells and around sites
  • Replace loud motors with quieter electric ones

Designing your natural gas silencers

At Ventx we specialise in designing silencing equipment to suit various needs. We work with clients in an array of challenging industries, including oil and gas production. Our goal is to help every client to address sound problems on their sites. That way they can help them to build a better relationship with locals.

Our approach is to design a silencer to suit each specific application. This way we can ensure they deliver the best performance. So, if you need natural gas silencers yourself, contact us today.