Having trouble with the air ducts?

Noise is capable of influencing us in several negative ways. Some of the damage can be permanent if people are not careful. We assist clients by providing them with silencers for noise sources like the ducts or a steam vent. To ensure our designs work, we use the latest acoustic modelling software.

When those hot summer days arrive, there is nothing better than having a cool breeze passing through your property. People use standard air ducts as well as air conditioning units here. Everyone understands the necessity of having decent ventilation. The last thing you want is mould and stale air all over your building.

There is an issue here though; the noise. Listening to the sounds of the fan filtering through the ducts can be very distracting. This can cause problems in all kinds of properties, including offices and industrial spaces. Finding a silent air con unit can be hard but getting your hands on a silencer is an easy affair.

A device to reduce sound

Another name for the silencer is attenuator. What this means is to reduce something. In this case, it is sound. The truth of the matter is that the silencers do not eliminate all of the sound. However, they do reduce it.

The reduction is sufficient enough to be something to consider when you have an issue with a noisy ventilation system. Keep in mind that the sound is largely due to the fans pushing the air through the system. This also applies to noise of air flow going through the vents in your building. That is why it may also be wise to add silencers to steam vents too.

Designs for any kind of duct or steam vent

At Ventx, we have numerous silencer designs on offer. The list includes air compressor, generator, and fan silencers. The level of attenuation will differ between them. Appliance designs will too. However, they will all be able to reduce noise effectively.

So if you would like us to create a silencer for you, whether it is for a steam vent, duct, or anything else, please let us know. We can offer a full service, plus first rate aftercare.