Reducing the noise from MEV and MVHR systems

Ours is a business that specialises in attenuators and silencers. Due to their role of reducing noise, it is vital that the customer receives one that is suitable for their needs. To create the perfect design, we use acoustic modelling software. This allows us to carefully match the product to the application.

In new build residential developments, mechanical ventilation noise is a common source of complaints. Many of these buildings use MEV and MVHR systems that operate nonstop. The homes rely on the systems for their ventilation, so they are essential.

MVHR can cause the most problems. This is because air supply ducts run to noise sensitive rooms directly. However, sounds from extractors within wet rooms can annoy people too. Fortunately, there are ways to help minimise the chances of noise issues.

Specifying limits

One possibility would be to specify noise limits so the sounds are not harmful. You should design MEV and MVHR systems to stick to suitable noise levels in all habitable spaces.

To guarantee decent acoustic conditions, mechanical ventilation noise should not pass certain limits. This is according to Building Regulations Part F. For living rooms and bedrooms, it is 30 dB LAeq,T. For less sensitive rooms, it is 35 dB LAeq,T. You should achieve these limits with your units operating at background ventilation rates. This is as a minimum but you can try to reduce the noise even more.


Careful design will help you here as well. Your systems have to be carefully constructed to reach the necessary noise limits. It is best to ask M&E equipment manufacturers and designers to verify that their designs can achieve the limits. Depending on the system’s design, you may also need some extra mitigation. This includes using in-line attenuators.

Designing specific attenuators for any need

At Ventx, our products allow you to control the noise coming from many forms of machinery. We understand that the needs of the customer can be as unique as the project. Therefore, we always have people on hand to ensure you get a complete service all the way through. We will also see to it that your silencer lasts for years to come.

So, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us.