Watch out for ambient noises

Ventx has been working hard for a long time to bring the greatest silencer products to the market. Our special designs include the steam vent silencer, in addition to many other excellent models. They all function differently. However, their goal is the same; these installations shall help you reduce the noise emanating from your facility so it does not cause problems.

An important part of determining whether you require a silencer is measuring the sound level. Sometimes, you can find yourself measuring noises that are coming from further away. Here, the distance you are from source shall influence your sound readings considerably. It does not matter whether you are using a simple app or professional gear. The distance you are from the sound source shall dictate the sound level meter’s reading.

A microphone will capture multiple noises

One important detail you need to pay attention to here is ambient noises. The microphone of your sound level meter can capture them too. If that happens, your reading is going to reflect the overall sound level. It won’t just be for the level of a single noise so it won’t be accurate.

Let’s say that you are trying to read an ambulance’s sound level and you are on the pavement. Those ambient noises surrounding you and the ones closest to the microphone have a higher chance of impacting the reading than the ambulance. This is because the vehicle is further away.

The sound level meter is going to record ambient sounds like people talking around you and birds in the trees. It is the same for construction noises and the sound of cars passing. Thus, it is going to provide a reading of the full sound level of these noises.

If you plan to measure the sound level of your facility, you need to record while making certain there is nothing else around. That could involve a shutdown of some equipment and not using anything that causes background noise. This will give you the most accurate data so you can devise a solution.

Talk to us about steam vent silencers and other models

At Ventx, we are very careful when we supply our silencers to clients. There is no universal solution in our industry. Our team uses acoustic modelling software to determine what silencer is right for you. Here we make sure we get the best data, ensuring it is not being skewed by ambient noise.

So, if we can be of any help to you, please let us know. You can rely on us for any model, whether it is a steam vent silencer or a product for a HVAC system. Each product we offer will be the highest quality, featuring materials that last.