Tackle air vent noise in every room

Efficiency is vital if you want to get the most from your HVAC systems. An inefficient system will be wasting money, failing to provide the maximum heating, cooling, or ventilation. One thing you need to do here is ensure you get the air vent placement right.

Traditional designs

In the past people would design HVAC systems with only one or two air vents. The idea was to place them in strategic locations to promote air flow. However, there was a flaw with this. It could mean that several rooms or spaces had no direct outlet. As a result it could take a lot longer for them to heat up or cool down.

Modern solutions

With the pursuit of better efficiency, it is now the recommendation to have air vents in every single room. In some cases it is wise to have more than one, especially in large spaces. This can consume fewer resources for heating, cooling, and ventilation.

While the main benefit of having an air vent in each room is that it improves efficiency, it is not the only one. Another thing it does is help to tackle humidity problems. You can have humid pockets in a property if there is not enough air flow. These spaces can be uncomfortable and you may experience more damage to things like furnishings and decor. It is better to have air vents to promote air flow in each space.

More air vents is also beneficial for the performance and longevity of the HVAC system. A system works by circulating air within the property. As a result, there needs to be equilibrium; the system must pull in as much air is it lets out into rooms. If it doesn’t, there can’t be a balance. In turn that can make the system work harder, causing additional stress and wear.

Think about air vent noise

While it is wise to have more air vents, you do need to consider the potential downsides. One of the major ones is it can release more noise into spaces. HVAC systems rely on fans to circulate air. They can generate a lot of noise depending on how fast they spin and the vibration they generate. Any air turbulence can also result in noise. That tends to happen more because of issues with the duct designs or obstructions in the system.

Luckily, there are solutions here. One of them it to pick quieter fans and ensure they spin efficiently with minimal vibration. Plus, you can design duct systems to ensure there is nothing to disrupt the airflow. Finally, you can install air vent silencers. You can apply them to every outlet so that as little noise as possible escapes the ducts and enters rooms.

The UK’s silencer experts

Ventx is a great team to rely on here. We have a wealth of experience and can design silencers for any kind of property. Our products will tackle noise and help to make your systems even more efficient.

So, if you have issues and need air vent silencers, please contact us. You won’t find a better solution than the ones we provide.