Using industrial silencers in the petroleum industry

There are a number of industries that have a reputation for being very noisy. One of the largest is the petroleum industry. But, Ventx can help many clients here. We have the skills to design industrial silencers that can reduce the noise in a variety of facilities. As a result, we can improve safety.

What is it?

The petroleum industry is one of the most interesting in the world. It is huge, earning revenues in the trillions and supporting millions of jobs all around the globe. While there is a great deal of progress being made to find alternatives to these fossil fuels and products derived from them, petroleum is still a vital resource.

You can split the industry into six sectors. Three of these are known as upstream, including exploration for oil, development of oil fields, and extraction. The other activities, refining, transportation, and distribution, are downstream activities.

The issue with noise

One of the biggest issues in the industry is how noisy it is. There can be a huge problem in many of the sectors. For example, drilling and extraction requires the use of heavy equipment that generates a lot of noise. It can be harmful to people that live near these operations. Plus there is a risk to the environment.

Refineries, processing plants, compressor stations, and pipelines can all be excessively noisy. The problem can be greater when they operate all hours of the day and night. It can also be much worse in rural settings where noise levels are typically lower because there are fewer people.

What to do?

Companies in the petroleum industry can do a number of things to address the noise problem. One is to ensure they stick to regulations so they don’t exceed noise limits. On top of that they can restrict their operating hours to reduce the impact on local people.

However, mitigating the noise is one of the best options here. There are several things to do, including using industrial silencers, sound barriers, mufflers, and abatement products. It is also a wise idea to choose quieter electric motors.

Delivering bespoke industrial silencers

Ventx is a great company to rely on here. We can offer several silencer models to tackle noise problems. For example, we can design gas ejector silencers and models for vents, safety valves, and compressors. Each product is bespoke to the application.

So, if you are in the petroleum industry and want to reduce noise, speak to us about industrial silencers. Our reliable products can provide many benefits, including making your facilities safer and more efficient.