Vents that whine and rattle

To take care of the loud noises emanating from industrial facilities, we design a wide array of specialist silencers. We create them to minimise the noise in these environments. Most importantly, we make sure that our utensils fit with your current systems. That way, our vent silencer products, and other models, can work at maximum efficiency.

You might be someone that uses your ventilation systems quite frequently. Chances are that this is because you need your air conditioners running to combat hotter days or have a hot working environment. In this situation, noisy air vents can get very annoying quite quickly. Vents can make several different sounds here too. We are going to explain some of these and why they happen.


Firstly, we have vents that whine. A high pitch singing, whistling, or whining noise originating from an air vent is a frequent complaint. At times, a filthy air filter can produce these sounds by blocking the air flows. What you should do is conduct monthly inspections of your filter. If you find a layer of dust on it, make sure you clean it. Then, if there is any damage, replace it.

Not enough return air

Such a noise also happens when the system isn’t getting sufficient return air. Many buildings possess only one or two ducts. This is not sufficient for the return air requirements of the system. What this does is force the motor to bring in an immoderate level of air through the ducts. This causes high air pressure, which is responsible for the noise.


Vents can also produce a rattling noise. If yours are making sounds like these, they are normally telling you that something is stuck in the duct. The passing air will be blowing it around. You should unscrew the cover and remove it and have a look inside for items that should not be there. If you can’t see anything, you might need additional help. It could be happening because of a loose fixture.

Rely on us when you need a vent silencer

At Ventx, we will make sure that you have the perfect silencers to deal with your noisy systems. It is vital for us to design our solutions correctly. If you were to use an inadequate design, it can compromise the systems you already have. In the worst situations it can also make the noise worse or cause damage and big repair bills. Our team will make sure this does not happen though.

So, contact us if you need any help. We can create a vent silencer for any need, whether it is an industrial facility or a noisy pipeline. Plus, we can offer installation and maintenance.