Sound attenuation can contribute towards sustainability goals

Due to the threats that industrial noise poses, we need the right countermeasures. Ventx has been supplying these for years in the form of our attenuators. We design them for each client’s particular circumstances. In other words, they are among the highest quality devices you can opt for. With them you will be able to control the noise from things like fans, generators, and compressors.

You may not know it, but sound control is able to contribute to a building’s sustainability certifications. Materials and energy efficiency might overshadow acoustic properties. Yet, sound control can make contributions to meeting comfort and health guidelines. So, you need to think about it.


There is something you need to do here first here; you must ensure you understand which sustainability standards you will be going after. In addition, you must know which ones include acoustical performance in their criteria.

To give an example, LEED for Schools has particular credits. This is when classrooms introduce acoustical performance in their overall design. Schools have a number of distinct sound control requirements. They vary for offices, gyms, class rooms, music rooms, and auditoriums. So, they must design each area to meet the standards.

Identifying hollow metal frames and doors that possess high Sound Transmission Class is integral here. This is for sound insulation, reduction, and containment. If you have sound control measures they will contribute to the sustainability credits. This is because they facilitate superior communication. They also lower distractions and augment the learning experience.


When you update or construct any building you should always include acoustic performance in your design. The property needs to meet its sustainability goals and be pleasing to spend time in. With industrial facilities and acoustic performance, think about where you can use silencers to reduce the noise. This will keep the sounds from your machines and systems to a minimum and make the facility more pleasant to work in.

Speak to us about attenuators

At Ventx, we are here to offset the issues that occur due to sound pollution. For example, we can improve safety, protect the environment, and help to achieve sustainability targets. Thanks to our acoustic modelling software, we analyse each system in a property. This ensures we have the data we need to then go and create the perfect silencing solutions.

So, if you would like to do business with us, feel free to get in touch. You can ask us about different types of attenuators and silencers; we will be able to provide advice and recommendations.