Silencers require external cleaning

We have been fighting against the problems that noise pollution causes for many years. In order to help our clients, we provide a huge collection of silencers. This includes the in-line silencer and other models. Our creations allow you to control the noise coming from your machinery and noisy infrastructure like ducts and vents.

Cleaning equipment

The equipment you have been employing could have been in use for a long time. Consequently, it might be time for you to clean your exhaust port threads. Polluted exhaust air has the ability to mix with dust and dirt. Should this happen, it can fill the threads up with a bulky paste. If you fail to clean your threads, there is a big chance you could damage your silencers when you install them.

Another fact we need to share is that silencers should also undergo cleaning. You can try clearing up pollutants deep within your equipment. However, it is only the designs with large-pore membranes that shall experience enhancements.

You are able to clear the exterior of metal silencers using a solvent that is available commercially. There are models that make use of porous plastics like sintered polythene. It is not the best suggestion to clean them utilising chlorinated hydrocarbon based solvents. These can heavily damage the utensil.

The right method

What you need to do here is soak your silencer in the solvent. Do this for five minutes. Afterwards, you need to scrub it using a hard-bristle or nylon brush. Wire brushes are not the best choice since they can damage silencers. When you finish brushing, you can blow your utensil with clean compressed air. The goal should be to get rid of any dirt that could affect the performance.

Talk to us if you want an in-line silencer

At Ventx, we are more than capable of providing you with a silencer that meets your specifications. This could be a vertical or horizontal in-line model or another option. Not to mention, our team members can provide you with advice on our merchandise. You could ask us for tips on maintenance for example. Whatever it is you need, we will supply it to you.

So, feel free to get in touch anytime if you would like to work with us. Whether you choose an in-line silencer or something else, you can be confident it will last and deliver excellent performance. This is why we are one of the market leaders in the UK.