Using silencers to improve safety in Styrene production

Crude oil is one of the most important resources in the world. A huge number of different products come from it, including fuels like petrol, chemicals for use in various plastics, and more. Styrene is a notable derivative. You need it to create polystyrene, and other materials. However there can be a number of issues with its production and safety. Luckily, you can use a diffuser silencer or series of them to tackle one of the major risks.

What is the problem?

The vast majority of styrene is made using dehydrogenation. What happens here is you use hot steam over a catalyst to create an endothermic reaction. The steam can be up to 600 degrees Celsius. There is then a series of distillation processes to purify the styrene.

The main issue here is the hot steam and condensation from the reaction must be released at some point. Venting it to the atmosphere is one of the most efficient options. Generally producers will do this via steam traps. However, the heat, pressure, and velocity of the steam and condensation can create a lot of noise when you vent it. The level could easily reach 100dB.

The main concern with the loud venting noise is it puts anyone working nearby at serious risk. The sound could easily damage their hearing, even with a single exposure to it. It could also be a major distraction and cause injury if people are not expecting it. Plus, it can cause harm to the environment and people around the site.

What to do?

It is absolutely vital to release the hot steam and condensation. It is unavoidable because keeping it in the system means a high risk of failure. So, how do you release it but ensure the noise isn’t harmful? The solution is to install a diffuser silencer on each steam trap.

The goal here is to slow the velocity of the discharge of steam and condensation. This can put it more in line with the atmosphere. As a result, it can lessen the decibel level and noise substantially, making it safer for people and the environment.

Silencers are a cost effective option here. They can be relatively affordable, even when you need a full suite of them. Plus, you can get long term use from each one when you choose a high quality model.

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