Silencing inlets in industrial settings

We have been fighting to manage industrial noise for many years. During our time in business, we have had the honour to provide specialist silencer products to an array of clients. They are one of the best forms of noise control you can invest in. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit varying requirements too. So, no matter what your current problems look like, we can help you with them.

Depending on the machinery and available space, industrial facilities need many blowers and fans. The equipment is vital when operations need to direct the airflow in a particular location. But, the pressure pulses they generate, together with the other sounds machinery can make, could harm hearing. Due to this fact, it is essential to install silencers in key locations.

The importance of inlets

Inlets are vital for managing airflows in one location. With the right design they filter stale air out. They then distribute fresh air into the area. Basically, they dictate the movement and distribution of airflows.

When you install inlets, you have to carefully consider a plethora of factors. Examples include placement and sizing. Additionally, you need to think about the pressure pulse when a pair of impellers encounter one another. When they pass the inlet, they create a pocket of thin air. This in turn creates vibration and noises. Since this is the case, the inlets may need acoustical treatment as a form of noise control.

Getting the best results

For optimum results, it is necessary to carefully install your inlet silencer. The size and styling of an inlet is dictated by the space through which it filters the air. Therefore, the design of your silencer has to match the ones they are going to regulate.

After you acquire the right silencer, you need to install it onto the intake side of your inlet. If you are able to do this properly, your product will quiet the noise efficiently.

Speak to us about options for noise control

At Ventx, we provide many silencers to help clients with their noise issues. In addition to inlet models, we can offer air compressor, fan, and generator solutions. There are many other models available too, including options for safety valves and more.

So, if you would like to know more about how we can help you with noise control, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can trust us to provide unique products to effectively meet your needs.