The important details surrounding safety valve silencers on pressure vessels

We are aware of the various dangers that come with working in an industrial setting. Noise is one of the biggest issues. It may not seem this way at first. But believe us when we say it has the potential to cause a lot of harm. By using our in-line silencer designs, as well as others, you can lower the sound level and protect people.

Having enough control over acoustics is vital for a myriad of industries. Places like chemical plants typically host an array of noisy plant. Examples include vessels and fans. These demand soundproofing.

Efficient silencers are the best solution here. However, they have to meet very specific requirements. They will all depend on the machine or system you create them for.

Using safety valves

These valves are vital to protect workers and the environment. The consequences that come from malfunctioning vessels can threaten lives. So, suitable protection has to be in place in the form of a valve or series of them.

We install safety valves onto pressure vessels to regulate fluids. This is in instances where the pressure surpasses safe levels. When this happens, the valve opens to release the fluids within the vessel. This is until they return to regular levels. Afterwards, the valve is going to close again to allow pressure to build back up.

Safety valve noise levels

It is not unheard of for safety valves to generate noise levels capable of reaching 160dBA. To compare, levels considered safe for our ears are at around 70dBA or below. Anything substantially higher and people can experience permanent hearing damage. However, you can ensure this is not the case by using silencers together with the valve. Often an in-line silencer will be the best choice.

The silencer is normally made up of three components. They include an absorption chamber, expansion chamber, and a diffuser. To create the correct product for your needs, you must have specific information about your vessel. This includes size, noise conditions, silencer connection, pressure conditions, and flow conditions.

Speak to us if you need an in-line silencer for a pressure vessel

At Ventx, we have a host of design options available. Besides the in-line model we can offer you compressor, generator, and fan silencers. Others are also available, including products for pipelines and more. All of them differ in regards to attenuation level. Yet, each one will help you control your noise levels.

So, if you need an in-line silencer or any other model, please get in touch. We can help you to create reliable noise reduction equipment.