Using parallel baffle silencers

The amount of noise that comes from industrial discharge vents can be very harmful. Depending on the type of gas, the temperature, the pressure, and the flow velocity, the sounds can be loud and travel a long way. As a result, they can be harmful to people on and off the site. Plus, they can be a danger to the environment. With that in mind you need to choose the right tools to mitigate the noise. Ventx can provide a discharge silencer to help with this.


Some silencers include a baffle to help them tackle noise. The baffles work by allowing sound energy to enter them, causing the material to vibrate. The vibrations transform the sound waves into heat because of friction. It can then dissipate harmlessly.

The key to being successful when using a baffle in a silencer is to make sure there is a good amount of surface area. The larger it is, the more sound energy it can absorb and turn into heat. That is why you can typically find very large silencers at discharge vents.

An interesting way to increase the surface area of baffles in a silencer is to choose a parallel design. They have multiple strips of baffle material with inlets to allow the high pressure gas to flow down. As this happens it can run alongside the baffles, allowing more of the sound waves to be absorbed.

The parallel baffle silencers are usually large diameter so they can handle mid to high velocity gas. The design works to achieve the maximum drop in pressure so the gas won’t generate as much noise when it is discharged.

Discharge silencers to fit any system

At Ventx we know how vital it is to make sure that silencers fit properly. Their goal is to reduce pressure to tackle the noise problem. However, if they don’t fit correctly into pipes or ducts, they can cause more harm than good by creating excessive turbulence. We work to avoid this by first surveying your current site to get an idea of the sizes we are dealing with. This data helps us to deliver the best products.

So, if you have a problem with loud noise from discharging vents, we can help. The discharge silencers we offer are reliable and long lasting. That makes them a great investment, so contact us today for help.