Age is no guarantee of functionality

It is not nice having to deal with industrial noise. The trouble is that it can come from all sorts of different sources, including a discharge vent. Because of this fact, you will need certain pieces of equipment to reduce the noise. Our company helps in this department by supplying top notch silencers.

No matter how old your vents are, they can produce issues. When you have a normally functioning unit, it is usually pretty quiet. Many of the sounds you experience shall be normal. However, there are certain signs that point to your system requiring attention. After you learn about these, you will understand what you need to be listening out for.

Squealing or screeching

Any sounds coming from the blower motor may be telling you there is a bad belt or motor bearing issue. Usually, it is not expensive to repair belts. It’s preferable to replace them before they break. Your blower won’t be able to turn if they do break. If you replace your belt but still experience these noises, you should consult an expert.


You might hear a quick thwapping when your blower runs. There could be something stuck in your blades. Additionally, there might be something in the housing contacting the blower when it turns. This noise won’t be unlike the one that playing cards make when you attach them to a bicycle tyre’s spokes.

Repeated clicking

A clicking sound is normal when someone turns their HVAC units on and off. But, you might hear constant noises coming from the outside compressor or control panel. There could be a defective relay here.

Talk to us about discharge vent silencers

At Ventx, we are careful to match our silencers to the specific application we are working on. This is the only way to ensure our products work as we intend them to. Should we use the wrong model, it could compromise your existing systems. So, we work to avoid this at all costs.

If you would like to do business with us, feel free to get in touch. We can discuss your needs and offer advice about discharge vent silencers and other models. Ultimately, you will get the very best solutions.