Silencing tips for power stations

Power stations can be some of the noisiest industrial facilities in the world. This can cause serious issues for the operator, employees on the site, industrial neighbours, local communities, and the environment. As a result, it is important to think about how to reduce the sounds. One option is to use bespoke gas vent silencers. Ventx can help by offering high quality solutions.

How do plants generate noise?

While there is a lot of focus on generating cleaner energy, fossil fuel burning power stations are still common around the world. Many of them have combustion turbines to create the power. Typically these plants generate noise in one of three principal areas. We will have a look at them below.

Firstly is the inlet. It can get incredibly noisy because they need to pull in a huge amount of air. It is possible to use acoustic baffles here to tackle the problem but there can be some concerns. For example it can be costly to create them, especially when the inlets are so large and you are attempting to retro fit them. In addition, they can reduce power output.

Secondly, the housing of the equipment itself can generate a lot of noise. Keep in mind that the engines can include huge turbines spinning at high revolutions. This can be very noisy. Luckily though, most of them have enclosures that can effectively dampen the noise.

Finally, the exhaust system can generate a huge amount of noise. These facilities produce a lot of heat and waste steam. Venting this to the atmosphere can be immensely noisy. As a result, it may be necessary to use measures such as gas vent and blow-off silencers. It may even be necessary to have silencing products on ducts, pipes, and valves.

A combination of products can reduce the noise from power plants. They can help to protect the hearing of people on and near the site. Plus, they can improve performance and minimise the affect on the environment.

Talk to us about gas vent silencers and more

Ventx is a specialist team with a huge amount of experience. We work with UK companies from an array of industries, including power generation. Our goal every time is to reduce the noises to make sites safer and more productive.

What we do is ensure we offer silencers that are perfect for the specific site. We do this by using acoustic software to find the source of the sound and issues that exacerbate it. We can then see where silencers will be effective and what we need specifically in terms of type and size.

So, if you need any help with a noisy gas vent or other sources, speak to us. We can offer the very best advice, great products, and ongoing support.