Sticking to the sound limits

Designing the right industrial silencer requires the best technology. This is something we know well at Ventx. Therefore, we use the latest acoustic modelling software to analyse your systems and devise a viable solution. We will deliver a silencer that won’t compromise your existing systems.

Addressing noise emissions is essential if you want to show respect and guarantee the comfort of people in surrounding areas. One vital requirement here is to restrict operations to suitable sound levels at specific times. If you do so, you can ensure you do not disturb your neighbours.

Each area has limits for environmental noise emissions. The requirements tend to get limited to prevent community disturbances or complaints. Persistent loud noise emissions disturb surrounding areas. Moreover, they can negatively influence workers. The louder and more frequent the sounds, the higher the risk of people suffering health issues. Hearing loss is a notable example. Moreover, the frequent onset of loud sounds can cause you to lose the ability to use your property correctly. By adhering to the limits for environmental noise emissions, you can make a better environment for everyone.

Your area determines the levels

The limits for sound levels shall normally depend on the area you are in. In places where there are high ambient sound levels, the limit is going to be greater. In a rural locale, ambient sound levels shall be low. As a result, noise level limits will be stricter here.

When you exceed sound levels, there will be a higher chance of noise complaints. Don’t allow things to get out of hand. Instead, figure out ways to reduce the noise.

You can ask acoustical engineering consultants for their opinions here. With expert help, you will be able to arrange a solution. In the majority of cases, it is wise to use at source mitigation because it can provide the best results. One of the most effective solutions would be a silencer.

Reduce your noise emissions with an industrial silencer

At Ventx, we specialise in designing various forms of silencers. This includes compressor, fan, and generator variants. Each one shall differ in relation to attenuation and design. However, they will all help you to reduce your noise levels.

So, if you would like us to design an industrial silencer for you, please get in touch. We support businesses across the UK, including many companies who need to keep noises to a minimum because they are close to residential areas. We can achieve this together.