Using attenuators to reduce plant room noise

The plant room can be one of the nosiest parts of any large property, whether it is an industrial facility or a block of offices. However, they are essential to operations. If the noise is causing issues, you may need a solution such as an attenuator (silencer) or a series of them. Ventx is one of the leading providers in the UK, so we can help you to choose the right equipment.

What is a plant room?

Before we look at noise solutions, let’s have a closer look at plant rooms. They can have several different names, including boiler rooms and mechanical rooms. Some even refer to them to reflect the equipment that is here. For example it could be a generator, battery, or transformer room.

Whatever the name, the basic idea is the same. This is a room dedicated to the essential equipment to provide building services. That can include power, heating, ventilation, and water. It can also be the space for mechanisms for lifts.

In some properties the plant room can be relatively small. However, in others they can be several storeys and full of equipment. There are even properties or sites with numerous rooms. It all depends on the scale of the property and the extent of the functions.

The issue with noise

While it is useful to have all this equipment in plant rooms, it can get very noisy as a result. People will need to take precautions when they enter. You may also need solutions like an attenuator to stop noise from escaping into surrounding areas. This is vital if there are habitable spaces adjacent to the plant room.

There can also be an issue because a lot of equipment you find in plant rooms will need ventilation. That can give noise escape routes via ducts and other openings. The physical intake and venting of air can be loud too. Attenuators can be excellent here.

Sound management is so important that it should be a consideration during building design. You need to think about the location of the plant rooms, size, scale, equipment, and much more. It is particularly vital to plan for maintenance and choose flooring that is easy to look after. Plus, you need to think about sound transmission and the need for things like acoustic surrounds and silencers to stop it.

Speak to us if you need an attenuator for a plant room

Ventx is an expert at noise reduction. We understand the risks to people, operations, and the environment. That is why our goal is to deliver the very best solutions, including designing bespoke attenuators and installing them. We can then provide ongoing support.

So, if you have a noise problem, especially from a plant room, we can help. Get in touch today and ask us to create an attenuator for you. We can offer support with new buildings and existing ones.