Is it necessary to use a gas turbine silencer?

We work to keep industrial noise under control. To do so, our business supplies first rate industrial silencers. This includes intake silencer designs and many others. Despite the differences in how they operate, every one fulfils its purpose efficiently. For anyone that is currently suffering from noise problems, our solutions will be able to help.

Energy generation and noise

With turbine engines, it is true that they generate energy in an efficient manner. However, with this, there is also a substantial amount of noise. Noises are loud, but that is only the beginning. If not lowered correctly, it could kill someone. Repeatedly hearing loud noises, even if not at a lethal level, can result in ear damage. It can happen both in the short term and permanently.

To stop noise levels from becoming dangerous, you may need to use a silencer. They will protect everyone that is nearby.

A gas turbine silencer is a variety of muffler for industrial installations. Turbine engines function by forcing air through compressors. Afterwards, it normally divides into two sections. The first section goes to cool the engine. As for the other, it goes to a combustion chamber.

Energy changes

Within the second section, the energy changes to mechanical energy. Following that, the air expands and forces its way out. When the air ends up recombining, it cools down before getting to the first turbine set. Next, the turbine can convert the airflow from mechanical to electrical energy.

The exhaust from this operation is what produces most of the noise. If you don’t have a gas turbine silencer to absorb the sound, anyone working close by can suffer ear damage. The result can be long term hearing loss.

As well as reducing the chances of harm to workers, the silencer does something else. It has the ability to accommodate intense heat that reaches 1,200ºF. Thanks to the gas turbine silencer, employees will be able to work safely next to these turbines. They won’t have to worry about high temperatures or losing their hearing.

Speak to us if you ever need an intake silencer

At Ventx, we understand how tricky it is to accurately predict noise. It can vary because of a number of factors, including the layout of the building or site, construction materials, the equipment you have, and how you use it. For this reason, we use special computer software to design our silencers. With it, we can see the noise levels that are most likely. Using the data and our experience is what enables us to create our stellar solutions.

So, if you have noisy intakes or vents and want an intake silencer or similar solution, feel free to speak to us. We can help you to overcome the issues.