Protecting hearing in the agriculture industry

At Ventx we support clients in numerous industries and make sure they have fewer issues with loud noise. We can offer reliable solutions for protecting hearing in a variety of settings. This can include large industrial facilities and work sites, as well as many other workplaces. The key here is we design high quality attenuators to suit the specific situation. They can tackle the noises.


One industry that can be particularly noisy is agriculture. Operations can involve the use of equipment that produces a lot of noise, including tractors, grain dryers, and a huge selection of hand tools. It can put hearing at risk, especially when exposure to the noises can last for several hours at a time.

The vital thing to keep in mind here is that noise above 85dB can cause permanent hearing damage. A number of things generate that kind of sound level in agriculture. For example, grain dryers can be over 100dB. Short exposure to that level of noise without hearing protection can lead to big problems.

Tractors are incredibly common on all kinds of agricultural sites too. Models without cabs can generate over 90dB of noise. At that level, around two hours of work without ear protection can result in damage.

There will be less noise with tractors that have a partial or full cab enclosure. The latter could reduce it to below 85dB to improve safety. However, even then you still need to take precautions if you are working with the vehicles for a large part of the day. Permanent damage can happen after 8 hours at 85dB if you don’t have hearing protection.

What to do?

As you’ve seen already, there are two main options to protect hearing in agriculture. First is to use hearing protection. There are lots of options here, including formable foam earplugs, canal caps, and earmuffs. It is important to choose a style that the user is comfortable wearing. Employers should make sure PPE is readily available.

Secondly, it is a good idea to choose quieter equipment. Tractors and other vehicles with cabs can be much safer. Plus, you can keep an eye on maintenance to address any equipment that becomes noisier over time. It can happen due to wear and tear, balance issues, and even when lubrication is necessary.

A third thing you can do is look at attenuators. There are options to add silencers to lots of noisy equipment. They can be a great way to reduce levels and improve safety.

Finally, you can also limit exposure. As we said above, it can take several hours of working with some equipment to cause damage. What you can do is organise tasks so people don’t have that kind of exposure. Keep it to shorter spells instead where possible.

Speak to us about attenuators

A vital thing to remember here is that hearing damage can be progressive, especially with repeat exposure over a period of time. That is common in agriculture. In fact, young farmers can often end up with the hearing health of someone decades older. It is best to tackle noise early, make sure people are aware of the risks, and ensure they wear hearing protection.

Ventx is a noise specialist you can rely on. We understand that often the best solution is a combination of choosing the right equipment, installing attenuators and other acoustic products, and wearing hearing protection. We can help with the silencers and more. So, get in touch today and reduce the risk.