Understanding why blowers and compressors need inlet filter silencers

Noise pollution is troublesome for a myriad of reasons. For example, it can harm people and their performance at work. Plus, it can damage sensitive equipment and cause big environmental issues. To prevent it, you need to use the right utensils. This is what we specialise in. Ventx designs and then manufactures inline silencers and many other models to suit varying situations. With them, you can control the noise coming from all kinds of machinery.

Blowers and compressors exist in various working environments. There are numerous applications for them. Examples include inflating tyres and powering dentistry tools. At times, you may not even realise they are around if they use an air muffler or filter silencer to lower noise. However, if there isn’t one the noise can be a dead give-away of their presence.

An air compressor muffler is a contraption utilised to lower excessive noise created by a blower or compressor when it is operational. Another name for these devices is silencer. You can find them in various configurations. These include filter silencers, breather vent silencers, and tubular silencers.

The filter silencer’s purpose

A filter silencer is sometimes called a compressor or air muffler. The silencer supplies filtered air to safeguard equipment. Apart from this, it also offers efficient noise reduction, lowering the decibel level. Most importantly, it softens the pitch created by the blower or compressor. The intent is to make a loud mechanism quieter so the noise is more bearable for our ears. This dual function separates the filter silencer from other compressor mufflers and air mufflers; they only address noise.

There is a basic demand for inlet filtration on blowers and compressors; it is keeping moisture or particles from entering equipment. They can cause harm to internal components. In dusty working environments, airborne particles can be pulled into the blower or compressor during operation. The particles can be very abrasive, so they tend to negatively influence the normal performance of equipment.

Bringing clean air in is essential. This is both for protecting the equipment and the downstream procedure. For these reasons, you are best off utilising a dual-function filter silencer to both protect machinery and limit noise.

Talk to us if you need any kind of inline silencer

At Ventx, the industrial silencers we supply benefit a massive range of stakeholders. They keep workers and visitors to sites safe from the adverse effects of noise. Plus, they can reduce the impact on equipment. Also, you often need silencers and the like to adhere to the UK’s environmental standards. These are in place to safeguard the planet.

So, if you are in need of an inline silencer or other solutions, feel free to contact us. We recommend you think about silencers as early as possible, preferably at the design stage. However, we can provide retrofitting in many cases too.