The effect of background noise on reading performance

A lot can go wrong because of industrial noise pollution. The solution is to use specialist equipment capable of keeping the sound levels down. We are a company responsible for designing intake silencer installations and other products. Once you start working with us, you can make noises a thing of the past.

Do you question whether background noise affects someone’s ability to learn and remember? According to some research, sounds can negatively influence the reading comprehension of students. Others have concluded that background sound does nothing. There is even research out there to suggest that music can make it better.

As you can see, things are a bit muddy. With so many distinct views on noise’s impact on reading, it can be difficult to determine what to believe. Let’s have a closer look at noise and its effect here. Then if you need a solution like an intake silencer, we can help.

Negative impact

Research shows that background music, speech, and noise each have a small but negative effect on reading performance. This is due to how the sounds can affect concentration. Such circumstances make it difficult for people to pay attention to what they are reading.

Children are vulnerable to sounds

There is other research saying that even though background sound can improve positive emotions and sports performance, reading suffers. Children can be particularly vulnerable to environmental noise’s negative effects. This is possibly due to their cognitive functions being less automatised. So, they are more vulnerable to disruption.

If children are doing a reading comprehension task and there is noise in the background, they may not do as well as they would in a quieter setting. The reason is that brain resources are also going to listening to the sounds. It can weaken focus and concentration. There is even evidence to suggest that music involving lyrics results in a bigger distraction. Again, the brain could be attempting to decipher them rather than concentrating on the work.

More harm than good?

Loads of research exists on the effects of background sounds while reading. The question is whether it does more harm than good. The specifics originating from the most relevant research tells us it does. People exposed to a large quantity of noise can expect decreases in their reading ability. Anyone in a noisy setting who is attempting to study might find focusing hard. Even if there is research showing there is not much impact, you are better off being safe rather than sorry.

Speak to us if you need an intake silencer or other solutions

At Ventx, we have worked with many clients throughout the years. Each one has their own specifications that we must meet. For example, it may be an industrial site that also has an office or training facilities. The latter spaces need to be quieter so people can work and study. As a result, it can be necessary to reduce the noise. We can apply our experience and resources to achieve the best results here.

So, if you need an intake silencer or another model, get in touch. We’ll design it for you, ensuring it can maximise the noise reduction.