Noise’s effects on plants persists after removing the source

Industrial sites typically create a large amount of sound. It is troublesome because it can cause a host of issues for those that work there. It can also have a big impact on plants and animals in the surrounding area. Some of the problems can be permanent too. For you to avoid all of them, it is necessary to use the proper equipment. We are talking about the likes of gas vent silencers and other models.

The impact of noise on plants

Following research performed on plants and trees, those involved concluded that it influences them in several major ways. Scientists from the California Polytechnic State University did the study. It shows that human noise pollution influences the diversity of plant life in an ecosystem. This was the case even after the removal of the noise source. It was the first study to examine the long term influences of sound on plant communities.

The U.S. National Science Foundation research happened close to natural gas wells in New Mexico. The operations were using loud compressors to help generate natural gas. The researchers found there were 75% less piñon pine seedlings in loud locations when comparing to quiet ones. The tree reduction was likely the consequence of the noise driving away a certain bird. We’re talking about the Woodhouse’s scrub jay. They plant thousands of pine seeds whilst storing them for eating in winter, so the noise scaring them away has a huge impact.

Removing the noise

The companies did change the sites of these gas wells and disposed of the compressors. After doing this, the locales became quiet. However, there were still fewer saplings and seedlings in comparison to sites that had never had compressors. The lower count was due to how long the site was noisy for. The piñon pine seeds still weren’t sprouting after they took care of the noise.

Noise pollution’s effects are influencing the structure of the woodland communities. But, we are witnessing that removing the sound source does not necessarily lead to an immediate recovery of ecological function. This work reveals an important fact about sounds created by huge-scale human activities. They can have long term, unknown ecological consequences. It works to aid us in better understanding how we can manage how we impact the planet.

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