Understanding what an autoclave is

To minimise the issue of noise pollution, you need to use the right utensils. Our establishment specialises in designing and supplying many different silencers. They will fit into your facility and lower the noise it creates. We can provide multiple kinds of them as well, such as the autoclave silencer.

Whether you use autoclaves often or rarely, you will probably notice they can be a bit noisy. Luckily, you can choose silencers to address the issue. Before that though, you should start by finding out what one an autoclave actually is. It can give you more info about the type of noise and how you can tackle it.

What is it?

An autoclave is a piece of equipment that can use a combination of water, high heat, and high pressure for things like sterilisation. In practice they are simply containers that can expose the contents to these elements.

Autoclaves come in different models too, and are useful for all kinds of jobs. For example, in chemical industries, people need them to harden rubber and cure coatings. Something else they are useful for is hydrothermal synthesis. They grow crystals under high temperatures or pressures.

The primary feature of an autoclave would be the operational use of high pressures and temperatures. In the airline industry, they are great for curing composites. It is the same for the car manufacturing industry. This happens under a heated nitrogen atmosphere.


Steam steriliser style autoclaves also come in separate varieties. In general, they go into three groups, but they are for similar operational purposes. One group can be found at dental clinics and in hospitals. The autoclaves here are compact tabletop instruments. They sterilise small amounts of surgical items.

The second group is research grade autoclaves. These are larger models that are meant to sterilise a huge array of loads. As a result, they are common in labs.

The final group is the largest models. They are usually reserved for industrial use such as to sterilise large items and batches of raw materials.

Talk to us to design an autoclave silencer

At Ventx, we are experts at designing silencers that meet all of our clients’ needs. We are successful because we make use of an acoustic modelling system. With this technology, we can make the perfect silencer for you. As long as you have the right model, you, your workers, and your visitors will be safe. While it won’t get rid of all the noise, it will reduce it to a lower, safer level.

So, if you have a problem with noisy autoclaves, we can be of assistance to you. Contact our team today to talk about an autoclave silencer. We can deliver a model to suit any size device, including the largest industrial machines.