The importance of safety valve performance

At Ventx we strive to offer the best solutions for tackling industrial noise. We can provide a service to suit most needs, catering for noisy equipment, duct systems, and more. We can even design a safety valve silencer to tackle the loud sounds they can emit. Our products are all bespoke so we make sure they fit and don’t affect performance.

A little history

People have been using steam for different applications for thousands of years. However, they quickly found that the pressure could be a hazard, especially if it built up in a sealed container. An early solution was to use a cauldron with a lid that had a hinge. When the pressure got too high the hinge would open to release some steam.

The industrial revolution made it even more important to use suitable safety devices. Large steam boilers became very common on trains and boats and in industrial facilities. But, overpressure of this kind of boiler could result in a catastrophic explosion. That would put lives, property, and other assets at risk. The response was the creation and development of safety relief valves.

What do they do?

A safety valve on a steam system is designed to act when the pressure exceeds safe operating levels. When overpressure occurs, the valve opens to release some of the steam safely. What this does is reduce the pressure back to safe levels to prevent a failure.

The valves need to be in any location where there is a risk that the pressure could exceed the safe operating limit. This includes on boilers, equipment like autoclaves, and downstream. They can also be necessary on cooling loops and near heat exchangers.

The thing to keep in mind is that the safety valves must operate effectively at all times. A rise in pressure can occur for several reasons, many of them uncontrollable. For example it could be a failure in a cooling loop, an increase in ambient temperature, a fire, or even an imbalance in the steam flow. The valve must be able to open quickly when the pressure rises.

Tackling noise with a safety valve silencer

The downside of using safety valves is releasing the steam can create very loud noises. They can be harmful to people, wildlife, and the environment. So, it is important to address this. The use of silencers is a great option. However, it is important to design and fit them to ensure they do not compromise how effectively the valves work. They must still be able to open and close without hindrance.

Ventx understands this issue and works hard to deliver the most suitable products. We have a huge amount of experience, working with clients in various industries. As a result we can anticipate problems and address them. At the end we will provide a product that works for you.

So, if you want to talk to us about a safety valve silencer, please get in touch. We are happy to advise clients and offer the very best support in our industry.