Don’t be concerned about steam boiler noise

Heating and providing hot water in large industrial facilities can be tricky. Standard boilers may not be able to handle it, especially the combi models you find in many homes. Even bigger system models can struggle. The solution is often to use steam boilers. However, there can be a drawback here; the noise. Luckily Ventx can help. We have the skills to design a steam boiler silencer to suit most needs.

What are they?

Most boilers heat up water before sending it to a tank or directly to radiators and taps. However, a steam boiler is a little different. They send steam through a series of pipes instead. The hot gas can travel much faster than water, meaning it can cover large distances very easily. This makes it a more effective option for heating in large facilities.

Steam boilers require water and a fuel source just like other models. The latter can be gas, oil, or even wood, chippings or pellets. The combustion will take place in the main unit, heating up water to generate steam. This will then move through the heating loop as necessary, losing energy and heat as it goes. Eventually it will cool down enough to condense back into water and return to the main boiler to reheat again.

Why are they noisy?

Steam boilers can generate noise for a number of reasons. Some of them are signs of issues within the system. For example, you may experience banging or rattling pipes. This can happen because of water in the system not getting back through the loop properly. It if gets trapped, the heat can make it expand and contact, causing noises.

Most of the loud sounds from these systems will occur because of the movement of the steam and the vibrations it causes. It can be particularly bad if there are any loose components. This can cause kettling. There can also be a lot of noise if you ever need to open a safety valve to release some steam.

Using a steam boiler silencer

Ventx appreciates that steam boilers are often the best choice for industrial and large commercial properties. They can also be very useful if the operations need to use steam for any reason, including for sterilisation. But, the noise they generate can be harmful to people on and around the site. If the sounds are too loud, or too consistent, it is wise to take steps to reduce them. We can offer a great solution here.

What we specialise in is creating effective, bespoke silencers. To do that, we analyse the systems and site to get a better idea of the acoustics. We can then produce the perfect design. Here we will ensure it can address the noise issues without affective performance.

So, if you want a steam boiler silencer, speak to us. We have happy clients in lots of different industries and help them to understand and take care of industrial noise.