Understanding dilution and local exhaust ventilation systems

We work in industrial silencer design for a very important reason; noise from an array of industries can cause irreversible damage if you don’t tackle it. The impact on people as well as the environment can be awful. Thanks to our utensils, you can keep noise levels under control. Using our acoustic modelling software, we will analyse noisy systems and machinery. Then, our team will use the data to create an efficient silencer.

The operations in any kind of industrial facilities demand a suitable exhaust system. These can all differ immensely too. Every building must design and install a system that applies to its industry. It must also guarantee worker safety.

All ventilation systems are based on the requirements of the structure. However, most set ups are one of two designs. These are dilution ventilation or local exhaust ventilation systems.

Dilution ventilation

These systems provide and exhaust air in the work area. They do so by using massive exhaust fans. Some fans are located near or in the ceiling to help dispose of the hot air as it rises. This regulates the room’s temperature.

The exhaust systems can also minimise particles and contaminants in the air by removing them efficiently. They do this by using clean air to dilute contaminated air. If you design the system properly, they can ventilate the whole workspace.

Local exhaust systems

These systems work to control workplace particulate and contaminate levels. They do so by trapping the contaminates as close to the source as they can. The move to trap the air instead of diluting it is the main distinction between the two systems. Local exhaust designs do a better job at capturing contaminated air. But, you will need to test and maintain them more often to guarantee quality.

Take a look at industrial silencer design

Air ventilation is a critical element of our industrial workspaces. However, the systems should not harm or distract people due to the noise they generate. What you may need to do is include the right industrial silencer. Solutions come in multiple forms here. The types you can use include blower, compressor, stack, vent, and exhaust fan silencers. You should be able to find the most effective option for every kind of requirement.

At Ventx, we use the knowledge and experience we have from our years in engineering and acoustics to produce the best silencers. Our team serves various industries, helping them control the noise levels. As a result, with our industrial silencer design talents backing you up, your employees will be able to work efficiently and safely.

So, please let us know if we can be of help to you.