Hospitals, distilleries and breweries all need steam boilers

Our business aims to provide first rate noise control utensils. These are ones that help clients to fight industrial sound pollution. We work to deliver bespoke silencers to suit almost any need. For example, we can offer a steam boiler silencer if you use one. We also excel at HVAC silencers and solutions for vents, safety valves, and more.

The reason we have so many options is because there is no universal solution when it comes to noise. Each facility will use a unique selection of equipment. Even if they have the exact same plant, they may use it differently and the acoustics of the space itself will be different. So, the only way to get the most effective results is to deliver a bespoke silencer.

Industrial grade steam boilers

These appliances are used by many workforces. For several industries, they are indispensable. The boilers use resources like gas and coal to heat water into steam. Industrial models serve a similar purpose to standard residential ones or hot water systems. The main difference is that there are far higher energy efficiency, heating, and pressure capabilities.

Businesses tend to use steam boilers for heating applications. On top of that they can use them for high-pressure cooking or cleaning. What we are going to do is go over a few of the industries that need them for daily use. Operators here may want steam boiler silencers to address the noise that can come from their system.

The medical profession

Firstly, we have hospital and medical industries. They use the boilers in a myriad of settings. The high pressure steam comes in handy for sterilisation and cleaning in all kinds of hospitals, clinics, and labs. The steam can aid operators in maintaining sanitary settings.

Heating and operating a big facility like a hospital also needs industrial boilers. This enables them to regulate humidity and temperature all over the property, from wards to waiting rooms. The buildings also demand particular humidity and temperature levels for patient comfort. Plus, it is vital to get these right to ensure mould does not start to grow anywhere in the property.

Distilleries and breweries

These industries also make use of the boilers. Breweries need them for a number of essential processes during alcohol distillation and brewing. An industrial steam boiler enables exact temperature maintenance. You can also manage alcoholic solutions during the procedure. It will guarantee that the end product has the right features, such as the flavour profile, texture, and consistency.

Something else steam is useful for here is pasteurisation heating and sterilisation. This is when beer goes into keg storage or bottles.

Talk to us if you need a steam boiler silencer

At Ventx, we are always careful when we match our silencers to applications. To accomplish this, we use up to date acoustic modelling software. It enables us to analyse your systems and then design a suitable product.

So, if you are in need of a steam boiler silencer, please let us know and we can help. You will get the best service with us and can look forward to an improvement in safety. Some solutions can even boost performance.