Wearing PPE the right ways

Industrial noise reduction is an area we specialise in. It is an important one too, considering the damage the noises can cause. They can harm employees, visitors, and the general public.

What we do specifically at Ventx is provide a series of silencers to make your operations quieter. The reason we have more than one silencer type is because there is no universal solution here. You need to use the right design to suit the individual noise sources for different set ups. These devices can reduce the need for PPE and maximise the protection for people on site if you use both.

The importance of PPE

One topic that people frequently discuss in regards to industrial safety is wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) properly. There are lots of different products here, from hearing protectors to overalls. It is vital that everyone wears the right PPE to ensure their safety.

The problem here is there are many cases where people don’t wear the items correctly. A worker might put on a pair of gloves that don’t fit them correctly. Later, one of these may catch on a machine, leading to an injury to the hand. Another employee could grab the hard hat that is closest to them, even if it does not fit correctly. This same hard hat could fall off during work, leaving them with an unprotected head. You should be able to see the problems here right away.

To get workers to wear this equipment properly, there are two vital aspects. These are comfort and training.

Firstly, ensure that they actually know how to wear everything and why it is important. There is much mileage to be gained by merely explaining the points of vulnerability that workers could not realise. You must clue them in on why they need to be careful to choose the correct PPE and the impact on industrial noise reduction.

The fit

To help workers stay safe, it is crucial to remember that correct fits are essential. If PPE does not fit correctly, then it won’t do its job in supplying the right degree of protection. Regardless of the protective gear you use, this is always true.

For hearing protection in particular, an eighth of an inch can make all the difference. This is between the expressed level of protection based on the noise reduction rating and still being vulnerable.

Maximising industrial noise reduction

PPE may help to keep people on site safe from noise. But, if you want to use the most efficient solutions, you should invest in silencers. You can install them on noisy machinery, HVAC systems, vents, and more. This will reduce the sound levels. If you do it and have lower noise in the facility, the risk to people on the site will be lower even in the event they don’t use PPE properly.

At Ventx, we have many years experience in industrial silencer design. Our team understands how tricky noise is to predict accurately. Using our advanced computer software though, we can see those noise levels most likely to be created. We then use the data to come up with the ideal industrial noise reduction solution.

So, if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.