Think about your vent silencer

A noisy work environment can spell trouble for your teams and visitors. Even short term exposure can prove to be dangerous if the levels are high enough. To prevent the issues, you need to install an industrial silencer. Our establishment can help you get your hands on high quality models. We will look at your premises and then use our software to design the ideal solution.

Vent silencers are instruments made for lowering the noise levels from fluids at exhaust points. Many industrial facilities produce high noise levels at said points. Sometimes, it can be around safety valves. This is because high-pressure gas emissions meet comparatively low-pressure atmospheric conditions. Vent silencers restrict the total decibels of noise. To do so, they attenuate the high pressures of emissions before they get outside.

If there is a need to install a vent silencer, you will have some considerations to make. They will help you choose the right installation. For example, your system’s unique variables are important here. Vent silencers differ for every facility and industry. Each gas path system is different, demanding a tailor-made attenuation solution. Even though there are lots of variables, three need particular attention.

Emission type

The particular media moving through your system will make the difference. In many cases, facilities emit steam. But, they are able to emit air or more concentrated gases like oxygen or nitrogen. These emissions differ in density and other areas. So, you need separate levels of attenuation. Lower density fluids need more substantial silencing.

Emission temperature

This influences the media’s properties. The greater the system’s interior temperature, the less dense a gas turns when it emits. Moreover, higher temperatures normally result in more vigorous emissions. These add more noise than the same system would at a lower operating temperature. Accounting for this variable and the type of emission lets engineers design a silencer that works with the facility more accurately.

Emission mass flow

The average mass flow of exhaust gases through your system is also vital. It is a metric to dictate the quantity of emission molecules passing through a specific point in your structure. In this instance, it would be how much gas moves through your exhaust points. Higher mass flow leads to high decibel noise.

Speak to us about industrial silencer solutions

At Ventx, you can choose from a variety of silencer models. As a result, it makes it easier for us to offer something that meets your specifications. You could have an existing site in need of a bespoke solution or a facility in the design stage. Whatever the case, we can help.

So, let us know if you need any industrial silencer products. You will get the best service from us.