Tackling excess pressure

Pressure is essential for a wide array of applications. For example, we would not have hydraulics, pneumatics, and many other systems without being able to pressurise liquid or gas. However, it does lead to safety risks. Excess pressure (over-pressurisation) can cause serious problems. There can also be noise concerns. We want to have a closer look at what causes the problem and how businesses are tackling it. Then, if you need a safety valve silencer, you can ask us.


Generally there are six or so causes of over-pressurisation. An issue can occur because of one of them or a combination.

Firstly, it could be a blockage within the system or vessel that prevents discharge. When this happens, the pressure will build gradually.

A number of other internal problems can result in an issue too. For example, it could be thermal expansion or a chemical reaction. There may also be a rupture in the tubes within a heat exchanger.

One of the most serious problems is the failure of a cooling system. These systems can be vital for removing heat and easing the pressure. However, if they fail, they can over-pressurise and fail.

Finally, there can also be external factors that cause pressure issues. The most concerning is a fire. It can cause expansion within the system or vessel, risking failure.

What to do?

All pressure systems and vessels should be designed with strict operating conditions in mind. The goal is to ensure they can operate safely. However, they also need a safety valve in case of excess pressure. The valves come into play to prevent rupturing, explosions, and other issues.

It is also important to monitor and control the conditions. Reduce the risk of things like external fires and the failure of key parts like cooling systems.

Do you want a safety valve silencer?

Ventx can work with clients to address a key issue with over-pressurisation. Safety valves are vital to release the pressure. However, doing so can result in a lot of noise. It is worse when venting pressurised gas to the atmosphere. The sound could harm people, wildlife, and the environment. As a result, it is important to reduce the sound. A silencer can do that.

If you do need a safety valve silencer, we can design a high quality one for you. We have a huge amount of experience to call on, ensuring we can support clients in different industries. So, contact us and get excellent equipment.