Track changes in noise to understand when to do maintenance

A number of different things can make plants, manufacturing facilities, and other properties noisy. This includes tools, machinery, HVAC, and more. It can get dangerously loud in some cases. As a result the operator may need to invest in industrial silencers and hearing protection for staff.

It is also a good idea to track noise levels and any changes in them. An increase in the noises can indicate a number of issues are lurking. It is best not to ignore them; they could be a sign a serious issue could happen in the future. Plus, it could indicate you aren’t as efficient as you should be.

Why does it get louder?

One of the main reasons noise can increase is that tools or moving parts are wearing down. It could also be because of problems such as lack of fluid, including oil, lubricant, or coolant.

A fan is a great example here. There will be a level of sound because of the rotation. However, as the blades wear it can alter the movement of the whole fan. In the worst cases it may no longer rotate evenly, resulting in it catching the housing. That can be incredibly noisy.

People who work with the same equipment day in, day out can often tell when there is a small change in the sound. This could be while they are using it or even while it is idle. They shouldn’t ignore this. It is an indication that something is wrong and needs inspection. It is likely maintenance will then be necessary to prevent a failure.


Some specialists are even using AI to track tiny changes in sound levels. The artificial intelligence can be far more sensitive than human ears. So, it can be very useful for determining the operational status of equipment and the state of repair.

System like this could notify the operator that there is more noise. It could come because tools or parts are starting to wear and will need replacing in the near future. This can be far more efficient, reducing downtime and costs.

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