Think about air pressure when installing your silencer

Noise is troublesome in numerous ways. However, as long as you have the right equipment, it does not have to be this way. We are a company that can design and provide silencers to tackle the issue. They could be for a gas vent, fans, or various other systems. Regardless, we make certain they are suitable for the application.

There is one major complaint people have about ventilation and HVAC systems; the noise they produce. At times, this can be due to a component that is broken. In most instances however, it is going to be as a result of normal operations. The answer here is to use a silencer. You may not be overly familiar with them though. If not, please read on to discover the considerations you must make when installing them.

Noise control and air pressure

One of the most vital things is to do your air pressure calculations. This can help you to determine what kind of silencer you need and the material.

The truth is that the relationship between air pressure and noise control makes planning difficult. The majority of HVAC silencers include baffles. These are acoustic media that have millions of air pockets. Sound waves will eventually hit these pockets. When they do, the molecules come together. The energy transforms from sound to heat. What this does is lower noise efficiently. At the same time though, it produces a pressure drop within the air flow.


The fans in any HVAC set up generate pressure. This pushes the airstream forward. Any barriers in the way will create back pressure and cause noise. They also minimise the efficiency of the fan responsible for pushing the airstream. To keep the airflow moving try balancing the pressure drop permitted by the fan with the silencer’s air resistance.

A bespoke gas vent silencer

At Ventx, we use acoustic modelling software when creating our silencers. With this, we can easily match our designs to the application. In other words, we can create a model that is ideal for you.

If your gas vent or any of your other installations are causing loud noises and you want a bespoke silencer, please speak to us. We offer the best solutions and have the skills to serve clients in all kinds of industries.