Get yourself a rotary blower discharge silencer

Loud noises affect us in a variety of ways. Sadly, many of them are negative. This is why people operating industrial facilities scramble to find a solution to reduce them. We have several at our disposal, including the discharge silencer. In order to guarantee the best results, the Ventx team ensures that the chosen silencer can match your application.

Rotary blower discharge silencers are among the most critical elements if you want to ensure high performance in blower arrangements. The majority of people have the impression that the discharge does not generate much sound. This is when you compare it to an inlet. Such information is false however. The high frequency pulsations and discharge sound are both common at the outlet. Moreover, they can be behind the destruction of systems functioning under high discharge and pressure velocities. The reason for this is that the elements mentioned before exist inside a closed system.

No compression of the medium

A positive rotary blower silencer does not compress the medium. Said medium is the one it moves to the discharge side of the blower from the inlet. The compression stage occurs when the line pressure accumulates at the open port. Here, you see compressed air getting pushed into the line. Such action leads to incredibly steep wave forms. These are ones that are typically destructive to equipment. This is if you don’t take great care of everything.

Benefits of a silencer

As for the benefits of a rotary blower silencer, one of the most important is that they aid with curbing the air flow’s effects. This is due to the vibration and pulsation that comes from the flow from a constricted area. It is rather high and can cause expensive damage if not handled properly. With a silencer however, your system can function in harmony.

Designing a discharge silencer

At Ventx, we supply our merchandise to a huge list of clients in various industries. They all require their own distinct designs to suit their processes. However, we make sure that each one is up to the task. We use cutting edge 3D modelling software to create the perfect designs.

If you need a discharge silencer or another model, please contact us. We can help you to achieve your silencing goal.