Inline silencer – Reducing noise from gas pipes – Ventx

It can get to a point where the noise coming from your premises is too much to bear. At this stage, you should be thinking about acquiring a silencer. However, you must ensure that it is right for your needs. Our team can use advanced acoustic modelling software to provide the right solution. This could be an inline silencer or another model.

Noisy gas pipes

There are many industries out there that use miles of pipes to convey gas. The trouble with them though is they can be a huge source of noise. Specifically, this comes from the fans, compressors, or control valves within the pipes. There is one way to efficiently minimise the noise radiating from pipes. That would be with an inline silencer.

The silencer must have the ability to obstruct the transference of the structure-born noise. This propagates as vibration within the pipe walls. It must do the same with the gas-borne sound growing within the pipe. Creating a silencer that can meet both of these needs is possible.

Sound absorbing materials

With these silencers, you can employ sound absorbing substances like fibreglass and mineral wool. However, another option would be a woven fabric acting as the absorbing material. The woven medium is not exposed to the flow directly. As a result, it permits far higher velocities inside the silencer passage. This is when you compare to your regular silencers.

In addition, the woven material is capable of enduring greater mechanical loads. Furthermore, it preserves the high initial high acoustic performance for a far longer period. Traditional silencer designs are not capable of this.

Design the right inline silencer

At Ventx, we know that our silencers can benefit facility operators as well as the visitors and neighbours. However, we are aware of another fact too. This is that you need silencers to adhere to the UK environmental standards. Therefore, when we design your next inline silencer, we will ensure it can comply with the rules.

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