The ways vent silencers operate

There can be situations where the noise in industrial settings is too much to handle. When this happens, our team can provide a solution. We design the highest quality air vent silencer models and various other products. We do so to combat the overly loud sounds. Most importantly, we make it a point to match our utensils with the distinct application.

A vent silencer, also called a blow off silencer, is a model used to lower unwelcome noise created by steam or gas flow inside a pipeline that discharges into the atmosphere. The noise can exist because of the high velocity flow through your valve. In addition, there is the turbulence around any barrier in the line that instantly alters or modifies the direction of flow. The obstacle could be an orifice or valve.


Vent silencers are suitable for a wide array of applications. This is within purge outlets, high pressure vents, and system blow downs. Others include safety relief valve outlets as well as steam vents. We have the skills to create silencers for each of these needs.

Blow down and vent noise is a process of temperature and upstream pressure. The effect of downstream piping, the valve type and size, and the type of gas you are venting are also significant.

Our team of experts design every air vent silencer to reduce the amount of noise to the necessary sound pressure level specification. This is at an established distance from the silencer. This is why blow down and vent silencers are not normally part of a catalogue selection.

Inside any blow off/gas or steam venting arrangement, the main release of noise energy happens at the open stack exit. You install the vent silencer at the stack outlet or within it. As a result it intercepts the noise before it is able to escape into the environment.

Design a bespoke air vent silencer

At Ventx, our designs benefit facility workers and visitors alike. At the same time, they are essential for you to adhere to the UK environmental standards. With the right model you can protect people who live nearby and wildlife.

If you would like an air vent silencer or something similar, please come to us. We will provide you with whatever it is you need.