The natural gas industry has its own set of noise risks

If there is one thing our business can help you with, it is industrial noise pollution. We assist our clients by providing them with first rate natural gas silencers and other silencing equipment. Our products are not just for fighting loud sounds however. You must also have them in order to adhere to the UK environmental standards.

The natural gas industry is no stranger to noise risks. Managing the noises is also becoming more of an issue for operators and owners of pipeline stations and production complexes. There are many vital problems that they need to tackle.

Tonal and high frequency noise

There is a big danger that sound in gas compression applications is discrete frequency or tonal noise. This is produced by rotating your equipment at an expected frequency. It relates to the number of gear teeth, compressor vanes, engine pistons, or fan blades and rotational speed of the shaft. Furthermore, you can generate a lot of noise by high pressure or flow drop via a valve. It is also possible for it to move long distances through the piping.

Environmental noise

This is another big issue. This kind of sound around transmission and gas production facilities can cause a host of complications. These include a decrease in local property values, sleep disturbance, and also harm to wildlife. These can undermine the relationship between the local community and operator. You can install compact compressor stations close to residential structures too. As a result, there have been more noise complaints calling for alterations.

Come to us for natural gas silencers

At Ventx, we can offer lots of solutions to deal with loud noises. The best way we know how is with our silencers. We offer a huge range of models, including inline, system, and natural gas silencers. To make certain we provide the right product for you, we use state of the art software so we can determine exactly what you need.

If you need our help, please get in touch. We are happy to talk about everything with you to ensure you get the best service.