The effects of various sound levels

Noise pollution is not something you want to put up with. When you do nothing about it, it causes a myriad of issues. Some are physical while others are psychological in nature. To overcome this concern, we work very hard to create the most effective silencers in the industry. Our collection includes the steam vent silencer and various other models.
The majority of research about the dangers of hearing damage has been performed for noises at work. With this data the Health and Safety Executive were able to create reliable statistics. These demonstrate the risks of hearing loss at several noise levels. Professionals made use of this research to establish the noise restrictions inside the Control of Noise at Work regulations. These demand that you lower noise levels and use ear protection when the level reaches or surpasses 85 dBA.

Below 85 dBA

It is also likely that a significant amount of people will experience hearing problems once the noise falls below 85 dBA. Because of this, something else the regulations include is a lower action level. This is 80 dBA. At this point and above it, employers need to train workers on the risks of hearing damage. They must learn how to minimise them too. This is in addition to wearing the right hearing protection. Moreover, they must perform an assessment that examines the amount of noise the workers are exposed to.

Higher dBA levels

These are even more problematic. With 105 dBA, the noise is so excessive that you only require 24 minutes of exposure within a single week. This is to equal the weekly upper limit of 85 dBA found in the regulations. The outcome for this 105 dBA situation would be the same as exposure to 85 dBA for 40 hours in one week. This may result in hearing damage.

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