Vents can’t be entirely silent but there are solutions

Ventx has spent many years working to supply suitable solutions to noise problems in various industries. Since loud noises can cause so many issues, it is essential that businesses work to address them. That is exactly what our air vent silencer is for. It can reduce the sounds that come from all kinds of vents, including on ducts, cooling loops, gas pipelines, and even steam boilers.

One recurring question from ventilation system owners is whether there are quieter models available. They often ask this because their own installations are making too much noise. What we want to do here is provide you with more details about why your vents are so noisy. We will also go over some of the ways you can lower the noise.


We will start by revealing whether there is a completely silent ventilation design. The truth is that your vents can never be 100% without noise. For one thing, there is usually a noisy motor working inside. The fan’s motor produces vibrations, which resound in your duct. In additionally, there is air movement through the system. This can also cause noise. The venting itself can be a problem too, especially if there is a pressure change.

Vent placement and silencers

Even if you can’t completely eliminate the noise, you do have several options to reduce it. The ventilation system’s placement is one possibility. You don’t actually have the ability to pick the fan’s location yourself unless you are rebuilding or have the space. To lower the sound, you need a solid, fixed back wall. Once the fan starts rotating, an unstable wall will lead to vibrations, affecting the fan. To reduce vibrations, you can also put some rubber behind the wall.

For the best results however, we recommend using a silencer. These tools also use the name “attenuator”, meaning to reduce something. In this case, it is sound. A vent silencer will restrict the noise moving through your system. Many individuals would not consider using silencers in their duct work. However, this is a very easy solution to your sound issue.

Let us provide your air vent silencer

At Ventx, we supply silencer designs to help people control the noise levels coming from their equipment. In addition, our other models let you manage the sound coming from things like generators and compressors. We design each product so it is unique and achieves the maximum noise reduction.

So, if you need an air vent silencer and wish to discuss the details with us, please contact our team. We have a huge amount of experience, ensuring we can offer solutions for all kinds of tough industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, and more.