The use of steam boilers in cement production

We have spent a long time providing clients with the finest quality silencers in the UK. With these tools at your disposal, you have what you need to address the damage that noise pollution can cause. There is no universal solution though. Instead, we use acoustic modelling software to design items that will work with your systems. We can offer a steam boiler silencer, models for generators, vent silencers, and much more.

A steam boiler’s mode of operation primarily depends on its use. Yet, the model is similar in each variant. The reason for steam’s use is its capacity to carry high quantities of energy, and the high mobility rate. If you compare to water, steam moves more rapidly. It does not require external propelling forces to move from point A to B inside a pipe either. This makes it a more cost effective option.

Fuel, water, pressure, and temperature are the essential components of the procedure. When combustion happens in a boiler, engine or furnace, you can’t transfer heat directly to the final destination. Steam is a more secure means of shifting energy if you compare to hot metal or naked flame. As a result, it is a common choice when users need an energy carrier.

The 21st century

Many people will view steam boilers as out of date technology. However, they are actually pivotal to several applications in the 21st century. For example they have use in agriculture, brewing, automotive, and more.

One interesting use of the boilers is cement production. Similar to other industries, this is an extremely competitive one. Business owners and investors are always trying to find ways of upping their profits. This is without lowering the product’s quality. They can’t put their workers or consumers’ lives in danger either.

One way to lower production costs is to use a steam boiler and minimise energy loss. Waste heat recovery models are a great investment. They are able to recycle the waste energy instead of simply dispelling it. They can use it to dry raw substances to compliment the power supply.

These boilers have the ability to help create 20 to 30% of the electrical power for cement manufacturing sites. Steam boilers can get noisy though, which is why we use silencers on them.

Talk to us when you need a steam boiler silencer

At Ventx, we make sure we design our silencers properly so that they work for our clients. We are able to produce multiple models as well, ensuring we can cater for most needs. We also adapt to suit the specific challenges with each facility. For example, there could be stricter noise regulations because the site is close to homes.

So, if you currently require a bespoke steam boiler silencer or have trouble with other noise sources, please contact our team. We can find a reliable solution for you.