The design of industrial silencers is heavily varied

We fight against the hazard that is noise pollution by providing the best industrial silencer design services. Ventx is able to succeed thanks to our use of special acoustic modelling software. With it, we create silencers that fit into various systems and noisy pieces of equipment. As a result, they will do their job effectively and won’t compromise anything. In fact, they could even boost performance.

The purpose of industrial silencers is to control the sound from various processes. Blower intake, engine, and blow-down models all exist, as do many other options. There are some major differences in the designs and how the silencers work. We want to take a quick look at the variety below.


Firstly, absorptive ones include sound deadening substances. These absorb the sound energy from the air or gas flow, turning it into heat.


These models use complex chambers and/or passages. This is to optimise noise attenuation. They do it while preserving application requirements like size, airflow, and pressure drop.


As you can guess from the name, these make use of reactive and absorptive design elements. They merge acoustic materials and airflow path management to lower noise.

Ports and placement

Industrial mufflers and silencers also differ in relation to port type and special features. It is the same with outlet and inlet placement.

You will find two basic forms of ports; the exhaust and inlet silencers. The latter mounts on the intake side of the item or system you are silencing. As for the former, they mount on the exhaust or outlet.

In regards to placement, you can position both outlets and inlets on the side or in-line. As you can see, the designing of industrial silencers is a subject with a lot of variety.

Work with us to get industrial silencer design right

At Ventx, we know how badly noise can impact mental and physical health. Because of this, we take our work incredibly seriously. When you do business with us, we can give you a solution that works. In addition, it will be one that has a fair price.

So, if there is anything we can do for you in terms of industrial silencer design, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the skills to work with clients in all kinds of noisy industries.