How are industrial and medical autoclaves different?

We have been assisting businesses with their noise problems for a long time. These issues are particularly serious in the industrial sector. What you need here is silencers you can install in your systems to minimise the sounds. There is more than just one type to choose from, so you must get the right model and a suitable design. We can help with this, offering a solution if you need an autoclave silencer, a model for a generator, or other loud equipment.

Autoclaves, also called steam sterilisers, are normally used in industrial and healthcare settings. They utilise steam under pressure in order to eradicate harmful fungi, viruses, and bacteria. In some cases they can heat treat items. Each model will feature a pressure vessel of some shape or form. You place items in here and then exposure them to a suitable sterilisation temperature for an adequate amount of time. The moisture within the steam moves heat to the items to destroy the spores’ and bacteria’s protein structure or treat the item.

Since we use autoclaves in both healthcare and industrial applications, there has to be different models to suit the differing needs. What we are going to do is discuss the differences between the two here so you can get a better idea of them.

The industrial apparatus

We will start with industrial autoclaves. They have lots of uses, including heat treatment and disinfection. Typically users send materials and components through an autoclave to expose them to pressure and hot steam. This happens commonly with timber to treat it and car tyres to prepare the rubber.

These models can be slightly different in that they tend to be a huge cylinder that you can feed materials though. This is rather than a smaller, sealed pressure vessel. It would not be viable to have something like that for dealing with huge products like long pieces of timber.

Medical steam autoclaves

The uses here also revolve around sterilisation to disinfect items like surgical goods. It is the same with linens, drapes, and medical implements like needles and scalpels. As a result, you can find the autoclaves in hospitals, dental clinics, GPs, and labs.

These models do tend to be sealed pressure vessels. They can range in size from small counter top ones to full cabinets. This all depends on the capacity the user needs. The cycles in medical steam autoclaves are validated and developed to match set industry standards. In the United States for example, the Food and Drug Administration has to clear them. You cannot use them otherwise.

Ask us if you need an autoclave silencer

At Ventx, we are careful to match our silencers with the client’s application. Thanks to our acoustic modelling software, we can analyse your system and design the perfect model. This approach is how we offer the most reliable results.

So, if you need any help from us to create an autoclave silencer or another model, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can work with you to make your facility quieter and safer for everybody.