The UK Hearing Conservation Association Conference

At Ventx we appreciate the importance of hearing health and the risks of noise-induced hearing loss. We play a major role in promoting the former and tackling the latter. What we do is create silencers that can reduce noise in workplaces from all kinds of sources. For example, it could be HVAC systems or sound from heavy plant or venting. We can offer lots of options here, including inline silencer design and more.

At the start of November the UK Hearing Conservation Association had its first ‘Listen Up’ conference in Manchester. The goal of the event was to put new focus on the need to tackle hearing loss stemming from noise. It should remain a vital part of Health & Safety.

Not just industrial noise

One of the major points of discussion here is that there are many different causes of noise-induced hearing loss. Industrial noise is a major source, and one of the most dangerous. However, there are also issues with things like headphones and even sound levels in places like coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Excessive noises from any of them could put hearing at risk.

A change in work environments and behaviours also needs to be accounted for. During covid a lot of people had a change in workplace. Many no longer work in an office. Instead they can do so remotely from home or a coffee shop. However, these settings can often be loud and the risk to hearing must be accounted for.

The risk with headphones is also important. Some people wear them for long hours of the day while working. Often they do this to block out distracting noise in an office or coffee shop or even at home if their property is noisy. However, this is putting hearing health at risk if the sound from the headphones is too loud and prolonged.

What to do?

The UK Hearing Conservation Association is working on a number of campaigns and initiatives to ensure noise is on the health and safety agenda. They are particularly focusing on defining what noise-induced hearing loss is and how to tackle it.

As part of this the group is collaborating with a number of stakeholders. This includes BOHS, a charitable body in the UK with expertise in workplace health risks. It also includes the RoSPA, another British charity that works to prevent accidents, including in workplaces.

Talk to us if you need an inline silencer

Ventx can offer a fantastic service if you have issues with noisy industrial and commercial spaces. We design silencers that can provide the best reduction in sound. They can maximise attenuation and some even redirect sound back toward the source.

The great thing about dealing with us is we can offer support at any time. For example, you may be designing a new commercial space and want to address the noise risk from the outset. We can help here and share our acoustic expertise. Or, you may have a new piece of plant and find that noise levels are now very high. We can assist here too.

So, why not speak to us to see if an inline silencer or another model is right for you? We’ll advise you and if you choose a solution you can expect to lower the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.