The importance of pipelines

Pipelines are among the most important pieces of industrial infrastructure. Without them there could be big issues with transporting hazardous and non-hazardous substances. As a result, they are a mainstay. But, there are a number of concerns with them. Noise is one that is important to us at Ventx. We work to provide solutions to tackle it to maximise safety and protect the environment. These can include in-line silencer design and much more.

Why are they so important?

One of the biggest advantages of pipelines is safety. It is possibly the safest way to transport a variety of substances, from natural gas to crude oil and even water. You can confine a substance to the pipes so there is little risk of it coming into contact with people during transit. As long as the pipeline is in great condition and leak free, there is minimal risk.

In addition, it is more economical to transport substances like this. They can travel very long distances via pipe in a short space of time. It would cost far more to move the resources via other means, including road.

Leading on from above, pipelines are also better when it comes to road congestion and emissions. They mean fewer vehicles need to move the resources, getting them off the road and meaning they are not using fuel for the transportation.

The use of pipelines can also ensure there are no interruptions in supplies. If you transport resources by road they could face delays because of traffic and poor weather. There is none of this with a pipe. The supply can continue at any time, at a rate you know in advance, without delay.

Finally, the versatility is really crucial. As we said above, you can use pipelines to move a wide array of substances. People even use them to transport slurry where solid materials are held in water or other liquids.

The risks

While pipelines are invaluable as we have proven above, there are risks to note. There are plenty of guidelines here to maximise safety. For example, HSE has L82 ‘A Guide to the Pipelines Regulations’. They cover all types and look at things like emergency shutdowns and emergency plans.

One thing operators need to think about is noise. The pipelines can generate very loud sounds depending on the layout and use of things like safety valves and vents. We can help here with our silencers. They can address the issue to make transporting resources by pipeline quieter.

Get in touch if you need an in-line silencer

Ventx is proud to be an industry leader in silencer design. We can provide solutions to tackle noise in various areas, including within facilities and externally. We have a wealth of experience in chemical processing and oil and gas operations. Our goal every time is to give the client a reliable solution to reduce the noise problem.

So, if you have noise concerns, come to us to see if an in-line silencer will be the best solution. If another model would be better for your particular needs, we can advise you and create it.